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Trauma, Grief & Loss, Existential Issues, Anxiety, Spiritual/Religious Abuse, People Pleasing,
Shame & Self-Compassion

Who I Serve

I specialize in working with these issues & populations:

Relational Trauma Recovery

People Pleasing

Shame & Self-Worth

Grief & Loss


Existential Issues

Spiritual/Religious Trauma, Harm, & Abuse

Family Members of Individuals Sentenced to Death or Executed

Leaves Shadow


My clients are individual adults who are naturally self-reflective and are looking to explore they ways they show up in their lives. They're ready to examine past and present relationships, seeking insight into their relational patterns and way of being.
Many of them have been in therapy before, and are ready to go deeper with more immediacy. 

50 minute sessions for Adult Individuals


*Limited reduced-fee rates are offered based on availability
All sessions are currently being provided virtually via tele-health to Texas residents

Tuesday - Saturday

Please note, I do not accept insurance at this time.

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