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Trauma, Grief & Loss, Existential Issues, Anxiety, Spiritual/Religious Abuse, People Pleasing,
Shame & Self-Compassion

Who I Serve

I’m passionate about working with these issues & populations:


Shame & Self-Worth

People Pleasing


Existential Issues

Religious Deconstruction/Questioning

Spiritual/Religious Trauma, Harm, & Abuse


Family Members of Individuals Sentenced to Death or Executed

Leaves Shadow


My clients are individual adults who are looking to explore they ways they show up in their lives.
 They're ready to experience a safe space to process difficult emotions in a non-judgmental relationship or group setting. 

50 minute sessions for Adult Individuals


*Limited reduced-fee rates ($85 - 120) are offered based on availability
All sessions are currently being provided virtually via tele-health to Texas residents.

Please note, I do not accept insurance at this time or provide superbills for insurance companies.

NEW Therapy Group! - Process Therapy Group for Adults

Bi-weekly group meetings online, 4-8 members

every other Wednesday at 4:30pm


*Limited reduced-fee rates ($40 - 60) are offered based on availability

Group therapy differs significantly from individual therapy. It is a great alternative to individual work when cost is a concern, or when your individual therapy goals would benefit from the dynamic of a group setting. A therapy group is a place to both participate and observe others. Both experiences give you an opportunity to notice your internal reactions to things, and learn from them. The group helps support you in building emotional muscles, learning new relational skills, and working through old social/relational patterns that aren't serving you anymore. 
Improve your resilience, safely practice commun
ication and relationship skills, and gain insight. 

NEW Process Group for Therapists

Weekly group meetings online

Fridays from 12-1pm


*Reduced-fee option ($60/month) with attendance commitment

Experience the power of group therapy with fellow therapists. This group exists to provide support and learning, and facilitate personal growth through the unique experience of a process group.

Designed with new therapists in mind; all are welcome.

Please inquire for more information. 

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